Friday, March 16, 2012

Next Project?

Below is the logo for the next project I'm considering. I really want to continue the Sideroller universe, but I beginning to think the full story I want to tell is too involved for the arena of Flash games. So I'm thinking of creating something simple & short with maximum immediate impact. Basically the idea behind this project is to juxtapose a cute, serene, fluffy world with extreme blood and guts spewing ultra-violence. Beyond that I don't really want to reveal anything at this point, except that I've got some really awesome looking blood splatter effects running in Flash.

As for the fate of the Sideroller universe, I hope to return to it someday. The full story I want to develop is about 3 times the length of what goes on in the current game, and much of what goes on is foreshadowing events I had planned for the follow up.

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